4. Woodland Garden

We now descend into the Curtis Woodland Garden, where our eyes travel between the soaring oaks and the details of rare specimens. The Curtis Woodland Garden offers engaging discoveries in every season. In the spring, broad swaths of vibrant blue-violet phlox and white foam-flower emphasize the contours of the space. By mid-summer, the foliage takes center stage. The variety of leaf size, shape, and color--from the delicate ferns to the lustrous leaves of beetleweed—creates beauty and texture long after the flowers have gone. And in autumn the scene changes yet again to highlight the spectacular fall foliage of oak, maple and black gum.

After enjoying the panoramic views, you may find treasures beside the steps, paths, and benches. They range from the short-lived Dutchman’s-breeches to the dramatic structure of the mature great rosebay as you near the pond. Several endangered plants are here, including a cluster of Oconee-bells, a globally rare plant native to the Southeast and preserved in botanic garden collections like ours.