11. Coastal Sandplain

The low-lying habitat displayed past the meadow on your right is the coastal sandplain. The Coastal Sandplain mimics the poor soil typical of the Atlantic Coastal Pine Barrens ecoregions, which encompasses Cape Cod and the Islands. You will see species from two highly threatened plant communities. First, the sandplain grasslands, which have been driven out by development. Our habitat features endangered and rare grassland species such as the sundial lupine, yellow wild indigo, and prairie dropseed. The second threatened plant community is the maritime juniper woodland, defined by the eastern red cedar, scattered short trees, and a shrub layer. This evergreen community lives in the spray zone, on the edges of sand dunes, salt marshes, and rocky cliffs. Our maritime juniper woodland features small bayberry and the eastern prickly-pear, New England’s only native cactus.